No Shortcuts To Success

There is no shortcuts for you to get success. You will not find success in the world. Dont take shortcuts and escape, but stay with God. Because God is our inheritance. He has a great future for us.

Are you ready to get the great things that the Lord has prepared ?

(Luke 15)

  1. Come to the end of your ways, but God's way.
  2. Come to your spiritual senses and get your spirit sharp.
  3. Come back to God, the father.
  4. Come back to the father's house, the church.


inspired said...

i like it \o/

lance said...

There is no shortcut when we bear our cross.As always I enjoy your post.
Merry Christmas!

Sidharth said...

You have a very beautiful site, New Breed. The love the color combo.

Amen He has a great plans He's sketched out for us in detail.

And about the previous post, the hunter goes after the rabbits that is not in his bag ;). If we are living for God, we will be persecuted by him because we are a threat to his kingdom.

I like the "Where are you?" post...I was learning about different kinds of consciences, and Scripture says that our conscience became wicked when Adam and Eve sinned. And a wicked conscience is characterized by "running from the very Presence that wants to help you". However, Scripture offers hope by saying that our conscience can be sanctified by the sprinkling of the blood.

Amen, amen, I love that on "One Touching One"...I have always told people that God backs up the simple Gospel, not our convincing and persuasive words. I have seen many saved by just presenting the simple seemingly foolish Gospel. =)

I'll go through the other posts later.

Bless you my dear brother!


Anonymous said...

Amazing and moving stuff on your blog sir!
from the team

Allen said...

Great reminder from God's Word. There are times that He has to remind me that it is ALL about HIM and HIS plan to redeem the world through our sharing HIS Word, as Sidharth observed, simply and without our opinion or fluff. Thank you for your stand on The Word.