The Proceeding Word

The Prophetic Word For 2007
  • The proceeding word of God is the covering over our life.
  • The proceeding word of God will put an expiring date on the works of the enemy.
  • The proceeding word will touch strategic people and these people will rise up.
  • The proceeding word will raise a new generation who will rebuild the house.
  • The proceeding word will release resources and provision to finish the vision.

Review Of 2006

Well, you would like to know more about our youth group. Obviously, from the picture you see, it doesn’t contain lots of people. But these are the people that are soaring high and burning bright for God.

Let’s start with the beginning of the year. Our youth started as an ordinary youth group. Nothing special. Even the youth pastor thought that there was no hope for this group of young people. The services just went as usual. Nothing much happened. Non of us were convinced to cross over although that was the word for the year “Cross Over To Take Over”. To come to think of that, those days were quite boring. Our youth pastor tired hard, by the grace of God, to bring us into a higher dimension. For months nothing really changed until we were preparing to go for a International Youth Conference.

I'm not very sure when it started. I think it was somewhere in July. We were totally excited about it. Well, not just meeting new friends from all parts of the world but to catch hold of the word of God for our lives. An honor for the man of God also plays a part in our response to the preparation. It was totally a privilege to be able to go.

After the preparation, it was the first night of the conference. A concert was held as the opening of the conference. Six girls from our youth, including me, performed a fan dance on that night. I think we did quite a good job. Anyway, that night was really great. Even though it was just a concert, but it took off from there. The presence of God just came down crazy and filled the whole place. Throughout the conference, which lasted for about five days, we were totally soaked in the word of God. The breakthrough worships were really something. Cleansed us thoroughly, sowed the good seeds on good ground, and really set us on fire. Our favorite quote during that time was “Igniting the fire, spreading the flame”. We were still burning when we came back from the conference. It was even better than the year before. We are looking forward to the youth conference this year ’07 to be even greater.

We planned to have early morning prayers before going to school at 6am. It still continues until now.

During the school holidays we also had bible study almost everyday. Even when we went for holiday together, we still continued the bible study. It was totally a sacrifice.

There’s one more event that really touched our lives. It’s the 10 nights in Muar. It was so good I cant even explain it. It was fantastic. We had fellowship with not only just God, but also with the people there. A stronger relationship between the two churches. Even for the youth, our relationship with one another is stronger.

Our youth still stands strong with active people in the youth group. It is a blessing to see all of us rising up to be the next generation to lead the move of God. Just a quick glance on the word for this year… “The Proceeding Word Creates Movements – the devil moves out, God’s people move forward and God moves in”.

That’s all for 2006, a fruitful and meaningful year to take as a stepping stone for 2007. Not a year to stay in but to help us start somewhere. Take it as an example and not a comfort zone. Remember, life goes on. You just cant stop time.
– Lois

Once I Was Blind, Now I Can See

I have been serving the idols for many years. Curious when i hear the people says about God. Last time, my life is just DULL. There's nothing interesting. There's no joy inside my heart. It just like a blind man.I believe, God has seen my life for a long time. So finally, He unveiled my eyes, and i started to go to church, and I got saved. I thank God that I have found Him. I'm so happy to know Him. Wherever i go, the presence of God is always be with me. Day by day, I become stronger and stronger. Nothing can hold me anymore. Therefore, do not struggle to find the truth anymore, this day i can really say to you, He is the truth.


Our Youth ..

Joyce and Esther ...
Joshua, Elisha and Caleb ..

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Jason .. We are God's Warriors ...

The Warriors of God

We are God's warriors that are BRAVE, STRONG and POWERFUL. No matter what circumstances we face, we will not fall, people will say that we are still young, we dont have the ability to do it. What i can tell them is THEY ARE WRONG. It is not about age, it is because we are connected with Him. Once you are connected with Him, nothing is going to hold you down anymore. As a team, we always work together as ONE to push the enemy away. This is our job !