Thinking Pattern Must Be Made Right

The Danger Of ...

1) Celebrating the success without understanding the process that leads.
Someone's business is doing very well, very successful. We must know and understand the process of how they become success how they get there before we join them. Whether they are using positive ways or negative ways.
2) Assuming the position of favor without knowing the price of personal stature.
Sitting with great people, doesn't mean you're great. We have to live our own personal stature. It's not what our pastor can do then we can be the same as them, cast our demons, heal the sick or any great things, but we must pay the price in order to be like them.
3) Enjoying the abundance without having the wisdom to manage and multiply it.
It's not wrong to receive things from our fathers, but we must have the ability to manage it and multiply it, not just stay in the same level.
4) Loving what the father hated without discerning their own consequences.
We cannot love what our father hates, hates what our father loves. Our father tells us not to do something bad, it's because they know it will produce bad results and they know how the consequences will be.
5) Squandering the legacy without the grace to walk in succession.
We cannot squander the legacy given by our father. Where our pastors or leaders lead us, we must go and follow them.
6) Knowing the acts of God and not the ways of God.
You like someone's preaching or you like how they heal the sick, cast demons, but these are all the acts of God, we must find out the ways of God of doing things, so that we can get there.
7) Carelessly pursuing the benefits of the journey rather than the calls of the journey.

We run the Marathon race and we carelessly take the benefits and drinks at the stop station rather than finishing the purpose of the journey. Eg: the call of God, we are called by God to run the race, but we are distracted by the things around us, and we forgot the purpose of the journey.


Containing The Presence of God

1) Treasure what you've received and carry through.
2) Develop further until you have the power to lay hold.
3) Don't allow other spirit to lead us except the Holy Spirit.
4) Saturate by the presence of God daily and not just feel it.
5) Find out what are the things that separate or stop us from Him
6) We must remove greed and covetousness
7) Don't go to the place that will quench us.
8) We must be the recipient of God's word and dimension of His spirit.

Unshakable Life

1) We must be very near to God.
  • Stay very close to God, so that you can hear His voice.
  • Worship, Pray and Read his word everyday.
  • When you hear His voice, in every circumstances you face, you will not fail.
2) Act immediately, what God says.
  • When God spoke to you certain things, Go and do it immediately.
  • Procrastination is the thief of time.
  • Procrastinate actions is the reason why miracles don't happen.
3) The Spirit of wisdom must come inside of us.
  • God will give us wisdom to do the things that he wants us to do.
  • Obey and do what he asks.
As christians, we always worry about the results before we do something that God asks us to do, that's why we don't take actions. We are asked to just ''obey''. Let Him do the others. Sometimes, we are discouraged for not seeing results, but i tell you, even if we don't see results, It's okay. God has His ways.

The Power of His Presence

  1. We are surrounded by His presence.
  2. We come under the light of His presence
  3. We create a lifestyle within the boundaries of His presence.
  4. We find a life of strength in His prensece.

Who Am I Serving ?

  1. Am I serving the idols or God ?
  2. Am I serving Him, because of the same reason as other religion ?
  3. Am I coming to church, because I want to get blessings ?
  4. Am I coming to Him, because I have needs, or to get peace and joy ?
  5. Am I praying according to my needs ?
  6. Am I the same as other religion ?


No Shortcuts To Success

There is no shortcuts for you to get success. You will not find success in the world. Dont take shortcuts and escape, but stay with God. Because God is our inheritance. He has a great future for us.

Are you ready to get the great things that the Lord has prepared ?

(Luke 15)

  1. Come to the end of your ways, but God's way.
  2. Come to your spiritual senses and get your spirit sharp.
  3. Come back to God, the father.
  4. Come back to the father's house, the church.

Are You Willing ?

Nobody can help us when we face difficulties. We must always encourage ourselves and don't ever let the enemy to put wrong thoughts in us. Some people may say ''as a christian, we wont face any difficulties'' but i tell you, even tho' we are christians, the enemy will still use our weakness, and put discouragement and dissapointment in us. Therefore, we must be strong and find our strength in God, yes, God can help us in everything, but only if we are willing to.