Are You Willing ?

Nobody can help us when we face difficulties. We must always encourage ourselves and don't ever let the enemy to put wrong thoughts in us. Some people may say ''as a christian, we wont face any difficulties'' but i tell you, even tho' we are christians, the enemy will still use our weakness, and put discouragement and dissapointment in us. Therefore, we must be strong and find our strength in God, yes, God can help us in everything, but only if we are willing to.


lance said...

Very good my friend. Well done.

Allen said...

Are you willing? What an appropriate title. Jesus told the Disciple not to be surprised when the world hated them because the world hated him first.
The very Good News is that God will never leave us or forsake us. As Christians we can call on His Name and He will encourage our hearts for the battle.
I am very blessed with the knowledge that your group is being taught the Word of God, as The Word of God.


Sharon said...

So true, so true :)
Keep up your good work.

lance said...

I have a new post.

inspired said...

Yes sir Jesus never ever said it would be easy .. \o/