Unshakable Life

1) We must be very near to God.
  • Stay very close to God, so that you can hear His voice.
  • Worship, Pray and Read his word everyday.
  • When you hear His voice, in every circumstances you face, you will not fail.
2) Act immediately, what God says.
  • When God spoke to you certain things, Go and do it immediately.
  • Procrastination is the thief of time.
  • Procrastinate actions is the reason why miracles don't happen.
3) The Spirit of wisdom must come inside of us.
  • God will give us wisdom to do the things that he wants us to do.
  • Obey and do what he asks.
As christians, we always worry about the results before we do something that God asks us to do, that's why we don't take actions. We are asked to just ''obey''. Let Him do the others. Sometimes, we are discouraged for not seeing results, but i tell you, even if we don't see results, It's okay. God has His ways.